As a road transportation and freight forwarding organisation we provide reliable and efficient services throughout widespread networks of countries and companies in the entire European Union. Thanks to partnerships we also offer freight services via rail, air and the sea. Our target is to keep up in all fields of transportation. Finding the best solutions is our task to get the best results. Any special requests are set to be completed by our team for our clients.




Providing high-quality services on the road with plenty of experience. We are said to be one of the most reliable road transportation company in the continent.

With our own fleet we cooperate with subcontractors too, who are well-known and trustworthy partners of us.

Our vehicles offer countless opportunities to give the best service to our clients. Quality work does not depend on quantity or size. We always find a way.



Since the beginning we have been doing storing goods of our partners. Our services are guaranteed to be great and satisfying in this field also.

The capacity of our storage space is increasing year by year. In Eger, Hungary we are building new warehouses approximately with 10.000 m2. It allows us to offer new services and be more diverse in business.


Fully meeting the needs of our clients, we regularly transport oversized machinery, cranes, and various tanks.



We are contracted to the best companies on the sea, so each product and container can be shipped to any ports globally or to any desired destination.

Our services include:

– Handling standard, refrigerated and special containers;

– Transporting goods of import and export;

– Cost-efficient solutions;

– Competitive pricing;

– Customs management;

– Insurance;


We also can manage other freights by air. Thanks to our global business network HRT Spedition Ltd. is a trusted provider of air freight forwarding giving fast and precise solutions to long distance shipments.



Innovative ways of transportation are the future. This method offers new, sustainable and environmentally sound solutions.

It is also available among our services to our clients. These systems are unique to be as cost-efficient and predictable as possible.


As a constantly growing organisation it is important to us expand our approach in business.

Due to new constructions and ideas we are about to open a modern warehouse with a capacity of 10.000 m2 in Eger soon, which project will create even more space and offices.

We are also building another 1.400 m2 park with the same goals in Eger for further storage options.

If you are looking for a new office or a warehouse, feel free to contact us!