We have already planted more than 2500 trees in Felsőtárkány. This project is part of the GoGreen program, which focuses on sustainability. We are determined to contribute to eco-friendly solutions.

HRT Spedition has been an active entity of supporting great ideas and charity for a while. Thanks to our CSR Policy we support several local sports organisations and other non-profit orgs.

We need to appreciate what we have. Furthermore these projects create a better community in the world. Our colleagues usually participate in these activities with their families and we do something great together such as green projects. Important to note that EGERERDŐ Zrt. was also behind the execution right away and supported us.

Attila Cseh said he was glad and proud seeing how many people jumped in during the whole procedure. It shows HRT Spedition has a strong community, where we can reach anyhing together.

EGERERDŐ Zrt. also enjoyed working with us. Planting trees means believing in the future and help Hungary to be a better country. Gusztáv Ősz (vice president of EGERERDŐ Zrt.) also hopes other companies in the region will follow these important trends.